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List all Kernel Parameters

In every Kernel Patches, either sap changes some parameter or adds/remove a parameter. If we are planning to add a new parameter we have to first verify if the parameter is supported by KERNEL or not. OR we can check by going through its particular note.

To do this follow below step to check if the parameter is included in the KERNEL or not

sappfpar all          # will give list of all parameters

You can grep to check the parameter is supported in your KERNEL or not.

IDEALLY we should run sappfpar check after doing parameter changes, especially memory related parameters, but for planning for adding of new parameters we can use this step.

Important Links
* https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SI/SAP+Kernel:+Important+News

How to check what Components Versions are installed on SAP JAVA AS?

First open the start page by referring to http://ipraby.com/sap/how-to-open-startpage-of-sap-java

once it is open click on System Information

Or use link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/nwa/sysinfo
NN = SAP JAVA Instance Number

Then Goto, Component Info Tab,

In the Development Components, select “All Display Components” in Display Drop Down Combo Box.

Apply Filter in name section, and check what is the SPS level of the SAP JAVA AS Component.

How to open startPage of SAP JAVA?

You can open startPage of SAP JAVA system by providing the correct HTTP or HTTPS port.

Please refer http://ipraby.com/sap/sap-java-ports for more details on JAVA ports.

In SAP AS JAVA 7.0X by default index.html was used.

  • HTTP Link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/index.html
  • HTTPS Link – https://<hostname>:5<NN>01/index.html

In SAP AS JAVA 7.1X onwards by default startPage was getting used.

  • HTTP Link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/startPage
  • HTTPS Link – https://<hostname>:5<NN>01/startPage

Where NN = Instance number of SAP JAVA AS


if connecting to SAP AS via HTTP port use rule 5<NN>00
else if connecting from SAP SCS/ASCS via HTTP port use rule 5<NN>13
in later case, sapctrl<NN> must be defined in /etc/services file.

If connecting directly to SAP AS via HTTPS port over SSL use rule 5<NN>01
else if connecting from SAP SCS/ASCS via HTTPS port over SSL use rule 5<NN>14
in later case, sapctrls<NN> must be defined in /etc/services file.

for connecting through any AS use below for java systems.

IIOP initial context5<NN>02
IIOP over SSL5<NN>03
P4 over HTTP tunneling5<NN>05
P4 over SSL5<NN>06

<NN> = 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, …….. 99

How to find SAP Java Schema Name in DB2?

How to find SAP Java Schema Name in DB2?

  • db2 "select tabschema from syscat.tables where tabname='J2EE_CONFIGENTRY'"
  • schemalistJava

How System Recommendations supports your Security Process flow?

  • SAP Patch Day : SAP releases security patches on the second Tuesday every month. https://support.sap.com/securitynotes
  • In System Recommendations, select system(s) to check & update and the time frame.
  • System Recommendations identifies the relevant patches and SAP notes.
  • The checked relevant SAP notes and patches are applied to the SAP system using the
    corresponding implementation tools, e.g. SNOTE, SUM.

System Recommendations – Advantages & Features.

Advantages and Features of System Recommendations feature of SAP Solution manager are as below :


  • Increased system security by applying up-to-date security relevant notes exactly tailored for the respective system.
  • Provides a detailed recommendation based on the system release and already implemented SAP notes.
  • Easy-to-use filter settings allow exact selection of system or solution.


The recommendations comprise the following notes categories:

  • Security notes
  • Performance relevant notes
  • HotNews
  • Legal change notes
  • Correction notes / Patch notes (deactivated by default)


Features Include :

  • Integration into Change Request Management (ChaRM) to directly create Requests for Change for the selected notes.
  • Integration with Usage Procedure Logging (UPL) to distinguish between used and
    unused code.
  • Integration into Change Impact Analysis to calculate the impact and testing scope.



Excel Template Missing sap_sm.xls Error




  • Goto Productive Client
  • Run report BCALV_BDS_MAINTENANCEsap_sm1
  • Select List Templates and check if any standard templates are available.
  • If duplicate sap standard templates exists then
    • Take backup of customer templates in transport requests.
    • execute delete templates (Ureferenced, Temporary)
  • Now in productive client run report BCALV_BDS_IMPORT_SAP_TEMPLATE.

Refrence Notes:

How to do mass RFC connection test in SAP?

Goto SE38 -> RSRFCCHK,

Enter RFC destinations names (use wildchars)


Description of Fields in above reports:

  • RFC destinations: Either provide RFC names or use a wildchar.
  • Connection Type: Choose from below available connection types.
    • I Connection to Application Server with Same Database
    • 3 Connection to ABAP System
    • 2 Connection to R/2 System
    • T Start External Program Using TCP/IP
    • L Reference Entry (Refers to Other Destination)
    • S Start External Program Using SNA or APPC
    • X RFC Using Special ABAP Driver Routines
    • M CMC Connection
    • H HTTP Connection to ABAP System
    • G HTTP Connection to External Server



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