update name in zoom

If you are already signed in to ZOOM app, just click on your user icon, and click on settings.

This will open below settings page, click on below highlighted “view more settings”

This will take you to web page where you can change your first name and last name.


Simply login to https://zoom.us/profile

then click Personal > Profile > Name > Edit

Enter your first name and last name, as soon as you hit save, it will reflect in your zoom client also.

List all Kernel Parameters

In every Kernel Patches, either sap changes some parameter or adds/remove a parameter. If we are planning to add a new parameter we have to first verify if the parameter is supported by KERNEL or not. OR we can check by going through its particular note.

To do this follow below step to check if the parameter is included in the KERNEL or not

sappfpar all          # will give list of all parameters

You can grep to check the parameter is supported in your KERNEL or not.

IDEALLY we should run sappfpar check after doing parameter changes, especially memory related parameters, but for planning for adding of new parameters we can use this step.

Important Links
* https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SI/SAP+Kernel:+Important+News

How to check what Components Versions are installed on SAP JAVA AS?

First open the start page by referring to http://ipraby.com/sap/how-to-open-startpage-of-sap-java

once it is open click on System Information

Or use link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/nwa/sysinfo
NN = SAP JAVA Instance Number

Then Goto, Component Info Tab,

In the Development Components, select “All Display Components” in Display Drop Down Combo Box.

Apply Filter in name section, and check what is the SPS level of the SAP JAVA AS Component.

How to open startPage of SAP JAVA?

You can open startPage of SAP JAVA system by providing the correct HTTP or HTTPS port.

Please refer http://ipraby.com/sap/sap-java-ports for more details on JAVA ports.

In SAP AS JAVA 7.0X by default index.html was used.

  • HTTP Link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/index.html
  • HTTPS Link – https://<hostname>:5<NN>01/index.html

In SAP AS JAVA 7.1X onwards by default startPage was getting used.

  • HTTP Link – http://<hostname>:5<NN>00/startPage
  • HTTPS Link – https://<hostname>:5<NN>01/startPage

Where NN = Instance number of SAP JAVA AS


if connecting to SAP AS via HTTP port use rule 5<NN>00
else if connecting from SAP SCS/ASCS via HTTP port use rule 5<NN>13
in later case, sapctrl<NN> must be defined in /etc/services file.

If connecting directly to SAP AS via HTTPS port over SSL use rule 5<NN>01
else if connecting from SAP SCS/ASCS via HTTPS port over SSL use rule 5<NN>14
in later case, sapctrls<NN> must be defined in /etc/services file.

for connecting through any AS use below for java systems.

IIOP initial context5<NN>02
IIOP over SSL5<NN>03
P4 over HTTP tunneling5<NN>05
P4 over SSL5<NN>06

<NN> = 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, …….. 99

How to run program from different user in Windows

Go to the location of executable (or shortcut) and pressing shift key, right click on the executable (or shortcut), Choose run as different user, you can give a local or an Active Directory user, and follow the normal process of launching the program. It may ask for elevated access, in case you are running any programs that require elevated access, in that case contact your system administrator.

How to determine compatible LM-Service patch for your Solman System?

Check the file name, for example “LMSERVICE09_0-80000341.SCA

in name LMSERVICE(XX)_(Y)-80000341.SCA, XX stands for SP level of Solution Manager, Y stands for patch number. 

So, LMSERVICE09_0-80000341.SCA is for Solution Manager 7.2 with SPS 009 and patch of LM-Service is 0.

we can also see other names as LMSERVICE09P_1-80000341.SCA, here P is only additional in name and it means it is a Patch.

To check current version of lm-service patch refer

How to run commands/scripts in db2?

  • You can write multiple sql statements in the file and can call in db2 to run in script mode. These sql statements will then execute one by one.
  • You can call commands/scripts using interactive mode from Command Line Processor (CLP) also to do this make sure you type ! before db2. “!” is used to run opertating system commands in interactive mode. Example.
    • CLP1
  • Else you can directly call the commands/scripts using non-interactive mode.
  • If you are calling sql statements in unix which contains aestrix (*) please make sure you add double quotes to complete sql statement.
example : db2 "select * from employee"
  • If you are calling sql statements in windows which contains less than or greater than sign, >,< then also add double quotes to complete the sql statement.
example : db2 "select * from employee where salary > 20000"
  • You can run below script in both interactive and non-inetractive mode. Please notice I have used $ as line terminator character, you can use any special characters. Default line terminator is ;
-- script1.txt 
connect to sample$
create table test_table(id int)$
insert into test_table values (1),(2),(3),(4)$
select * from test_table$
update test_table set id=20 where id > 2$
select * from test_table$
  • to run above script pass the line terminator character, in this it is $ so parmeter will be -td$, you can also do verbose mode with -v to see what is the script executing, and -f <abolute_path\file_name>. example
!db2 -td$ -v -f /sapcommon/script/script1.txt


Why organization prefer DB2?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • In transactional processing db2 saves 28-34% of TCO as compared to competition
  • In Analytical processing db2 saves 54-63% of TCO as compared to competition

Faster Deployment

  • DB2 offers average 57 days faster deployment time than the competition

Faster Value to Time

  • As we get faster time to deploy the project becomes live very soon and we get faster time to value

Less complexity

Need less FTE to work with db2. In general

  • Manufacturing require 0.15 DB2 FTE as compared to 0.5 competition FTE
  • Retail require 0.25 DB2 FTE as compared to 0.75 competition FTE
  • Financial services require 0.5 FTE as compared to 1.25 copetition FTE

Higher compression rate

This save a lot of money on the storage cost.

  • On average db2 compression rate is of 12.6x
  • Whereas competition has an average of 7.3x

Moving to DB2 is easy

  • PL/Sql native support is present for DB2
  • Existing db skills work with db2 as well.

Source :

Download :


How to receive emails from other email-id’s in GMAIL?

You can get emails from other Email ID’s in our GMAIL inbox. To do this follow below steps :-

1. Click on settings icon on your inbox.

2. choose Accounts and Import Tab, and in Check mail from other accounts section select Add a mail account.

3. Type your email id and click next.

4. Select Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click next.
Link of Gmailify

5. Provide POP Server name and Port, you can also provide external POP Server Name of your email service provider.

  • Enter the mail settings for praxxxxxxxxxxgmail.com. Learn more
  • Leave a copy of retrieved message in the server. Learn More
  • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail. Learn more


6. You can use the mentioned POP and SMTP servers of google. If you are using other google email id’s else please select Other.

7. Below ports are only allowed


Further Readings:

  • What is POP and SMTP?
  • What are standard ports?
  • How to send reply in gmail using other email id?


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