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the guilt

we always have a feeling of guilt somewhere either on the surface or buried deep inside our minds, that reminds us of the actions… then there will always be a possibility that the answer for the guilt is never justified, never good enough… then thoughts will pound up which will remind us that we deserve the guilt… but remember there will always be one person who could tell, that we doesn’t deserve…

the home

lately I have been thinking about the meaning of home and I realize that home can be so much more than just a roof over our head. home can be that feeling that we have when everything in life finally comes together or a place that we can fill with beautiful memories now, home isn’t always guaranteed its something we might have to fight hard for, even sacrifice for something that needs to be preserved and protected because there is nothing better than having a place that we can share with the people we love.

barrier and acceptance

Sometimes we behave just like a mountain, we become firm and strong, which may be good, but does it mean we start creating barrier, start taking counter actions on the forces coming from opposite sides, sometimes without realizing…., but soon after enough counter actions we start to find the equilibrium that’s when we move towards acceptance of a new path because when we collapse these barrier it not always brings discomfort, it sometimes brings great comfort.

the heart

the heart is capable of extraordinary things, it gives us life, makes us feel love, and in some cases, can be passed on. its memories kept alive, and of course the heart is full of mystery, it can remind us of who we are or tear us in two directions and, sure, along the way the heart is bound to pick up scars, painful reminders of the past but if we trust it, follow it where it wants us to go, it will always lead us in the right direction.

new beginnings

its easy to think of new beginnings as something that just happens when the time is right. The life’s way of wiping the slate clean, to allow us to change course. but the truth is, new beginnings are never easy. they usually remind us of where we’ve been, as much as where we’re headed. What we have to sacrifice and leave behind if we choose to continue on, and is there a point in the journey where it’s simply too late to change course even if we wanted to? in the end, maybe trying to change course is more about realizing we never needed to, and that’s okay

the unknows

stepping into the unknown is never easy, there is always that inner voice telling us to hold back from making a big commitment, or moving into the next chapter of our life. sometime we just need to be reminded of what we already have, and trust that is is worth fighting for. because when we do, we’ll be amazed at the results.

people in our lives

sometimes people come into our lives at just the right time, preparing us for the future, whatever it may hold.

past decisions

We all have moments from our pasts, decisions we’ve made that even years later, we still wonder about, still question.
What would have happened if we had done things differently? The big decisions we recognize in the moment, we know the magnitude and weight they carry, what we might have lost, if we hadn’t made the decision to act. But the most difficult decision we’re faced with, are not about success or failure, but finding the courage to simply try again.

family and bond

The idea of family represents something different to all of us.

For some, its the community of people who depends on us for strength and guidance.

For others, its the unbreakable bond between a brother and a sister.

And yes, sometimes those family bonds can get fractured or even forgotten, but as long as we never give up on them, we can always find our way back. and if we’re lucky, the family we have and the family we find become one in the same.

life journey

Sometimes, life takes us on a journey to find an answer we didn’t even know we were looking for.
Sometimes, we just have to accept that the answers we think we need, we may never find.
If we keep following the path, we will meet some amazing people and may be one day we can really make a difference…!!!