Welcome to my world, where technology meets the tranquility of nature! I’m Prabhat Mishra, a seasoned IT professional with over 12 years of expertise in SAP implementation, migration, upgrade, and support. While my professional journey has revolved around the intricacies of IT, my personal passion lies in the realm of gardening and farming.

Delving into the diverse wonders of nature, I’ve embarked on an exciting venture—dragon fruit farming. As a devoted farmer, I not only cultivate dragon fruit but also offer comprehensive online consultation services to fellow enthusiasts. My commitment extends across various facets of dragon fruit farming, ensuring a holistic approach to your agricultural endeavors.

Dragon Fruit Farming Services:

  1. Farm Setup and Planning: Tailored guidance on designing and organizing your dragon fruit farm for optimal growth and yield.
  2. Plant Selection and Cultivation: Expert advice on selecting the right dragon fruit varieties and cultivating them with precision to maximize productivity.
  3. Pest and Disease Management: Proactive strategies for identifying and mitigating pests and diseases, safeguarding your dragon fruit crop.
  4. Harvesting and Post-Harvest Handling: Detailed insights into the best practices for harvesting dragon fruit and ensuring proper post-harvest handling to maintain quality.
  5. Farm Maintenance and Improvement: Ongoing support for farm maintenance, along with recommendations for continuous improvement to enhance overall efficiency.

Beyond my agricultural pursuits, I bring a wealth of IT expertise to the table. With a robust background in vendor management, I excel in global collaborations to guarantee seamless SAP BASIS implementations, migrations, upgrades and support activities. My strengths lie in change and release management, facilitating smooth transitions and minimizing disruptions during system deployments.

Combining managerial acumen with hands-on coding skills, I tackle complex technical challenges head-on. Specializing in SAP Solution Manager, I enhance system management and support, ensuring optimal functionality. My technical proficiency spans SAP implementation on Cloud and On-Prem, BASIS support, and database administration, encompassing HANA, DB2, MaxDB, Oracle, and HANA HA/DR. Operating systems like Windows Server, AIX, and UNIX (RHEL, SUSE) are well within my purview.

In essence, my diverse experience, from vendor and change management to coding prowess, positions me as a reliable partner for exceptional results. My optimism and solution-oriented mindset are instrumental in driving positive change in both the IT and agricultural landscapes.

Thank you for exploring my profile. I invite you to delve into my blog posts and insights, and should you have any questions or ideas to discuss further, feel free to reach out. Let’s embark on a journey of technology, gardening, and farming exploration together!

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