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Hello there! I am Prabhat Mishra, a highly motivated and solution-oriented professional with over 12+ years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in SAP BASIS implementation, upgrade, and support. I am a firm believer in the power of optimism and always strive to see the positive side of any situation.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a deep passion for gardening and farming. Exploring the wonders of nature and experimenting with various types of plants bring me immense joy. Currently, I am actively involved in cultivating dragon fruit, an exciting endeavor that allows me to indulge in the marvels of nature’s diversity.

In my farming journey, I take a keen interest in discovering innovative composting techniques that foster sustainable agricultural practices. Creating a nurturing environment for plant growth and learning about the intricacies of different crops has become a captivating part of my life.

In the IT realm, I have gained valuable experience in vendor management, collaborating with global partners to ensure successful SAP BASIS implementation and support activities. Building strong relationships and managing resources effectively are among my key strengths.

Change management and release management are integral parts of my expertise. I have managed smooth transitions of SAP systems through various stages, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum efficiency during deployments.

In addition to my managerial skills, I possess hands-on coding abilities, allowing me to dive deep into technical aspects and find innovative solutions to complex problems. Streamlining processes, optimizing performance, and enhancing overall system functionality are my focus.

As the System Owner for Solution Manager 7.2 and Innovation, I have gained exposure to diverse aspects of SAP BASIS administration. Leveraging the capabilities of SAP Solution Manager, I improve system management and support.

My technical skills span SAP implementation on Cloud and On-Prem, BASIS support, and database administration. I am well-versed in databases like HANA, DB2, MaxDB, Oracle, and HANA HA/DR, and proficient in operating systems such as Windows Server, AIX, and UNIX (RHEL, SUSE).

In conclusion, my experience in vendor management, change management, release management, and coding skills, combined with my optimistic and solution-oriented approach, enables me to deliver exceptional results for my clients. I believe in continuous growth and am dedicated to leveraging technology to drive positive change in the IT landscape.

Thank you for visiting my profile, and I hope you find my blog posts and insights valuable. If you have any questions or want to discuss ideas further, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s explore the fascinating world of technology, gardening, and farming together!