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How to add or change your mobile phone settings?

To add or change your mobile phone setting, go to this link in SAP ONE Support Launchpad –> https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/user/profile or by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner next to your user name.

Here you can select Edit Header to add or edit your phone number 1 and phone number 2. By default, SMS notifications are sent to the phone number ‘Phone 2’.




How to enable SMS Notifications for SAP ONE Support Launchpad?

To enable SMS Notifications for SMS Notifications for SAP ONE Support Launchpad, go to this link –> https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notification/manage


By default, SAP ONE Support Launchpad users will NOT have SMS enabled and will have to opt-in to have text messages sent for each type of notification.

To change your mobile phone number, refer this link





Excel Template Missing sap_sm.xls Error




  • Goto Productive Client
  • Run report BCALV_BDS_MAINTENANCEsap_sm1
  • Select List Templates and check if any standard templates are available.
  • If duplicate sap standard templates exists then
    • Take backup of customer templates in transport requests.
    • execute delete templates (Ureferenced, Temporary)
  • Now in productive client run report BCALV_BDS_IMPORT_SAP_TEMPLATE.

Refrence Notes:

How to do mass RFC connection test in SAP?

Goto SE38 -> RSRFCCHK,

Enter RFC destinations names (use wildchars)


Description of Fields in above reports:

  • RFC destinations: Either provide RFC names or use a wildchar.
  • Connection Type: Choose from below available connection types.
    • I Connection to Application Server with Same Database
    • 3 Connection to ABAP System
    • 2 Connection to R/2 System
    • T Start External Program Using TCP/IP
    • L Reference Entry (Refers to Other Destination)
    • S Start External Program Using SNA or APPC
    • X RFC Using Special ABAP Driver Routines
    • M CMC Connection
    • H HTTP Connection to ABAP System
    • G HTTP Connection to External Server