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How to determine compatible LM-Service patch for your Solman System?

Check the file name, for example “LMSERVICE09_0-80000341.SCA

in name LMSERVICE(XX)_(Y)-80000341.SCA, XX stands for SP level of Solution Manager, Y stands for patch number. 

So, LMSERVICE09_0-80000341.SCA is for Solution Manager 7.2 with SPS 009 and patch of LM-Service is 0.

we can also see other names as LMSERVICE09P_1-80000341.SCA, here P is only additional in name and it means it is a Patch.

To check current version of lm-service patch refer

How System Recommendations supports your Security Process flow?

  • SAP Patch Day : SAP releases security patches on the second Tuesday every month. https://support.sap.com/securitynotes
  • In System Recommendations, select system(s) to check & update and the time frame.
  • System Recommendations identifies the relevant patches and SAP notes.
  • The checked relevant SAP notes and patches are applied to the SAP system using the
    corresponding implementation tools, e.g. SNOTE, SUM.

System Recommendations – Advantages & Features.

Advantages and Features of System Recommendations feature of SAP Solution manager are as below :


  • Increased system security by applying up-to-date security relevant notes exactly tailored for the respective system.
  • Provides a detailed recommendation based on the system release and already implemented SAP notes.
  • Easy-to-use filter settings allow exact selection of system or solution.


The recommendations comprise the following notes categories:

  • Security notes
  • Performance relevant notes
  • HotNews
  • Legal change notes
  • Correction notes / Patch notes (deactivated by default)


Features Include :

  • Integration into Change Request Management (ChaRM) to directly create Requests for Change for the selected notes.
  • Integration with Usage Procedure Logging (UPL) to distinguish between used and
    unused code.
  • Integration into Change Impact Analysis to calculate the impact and testing scope.