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New Directory Structure in SAP NetWeaver 7.5 ABAP Installation

In the latest SAP NetWeaver 7.5 release, there have been significant changes to the directory structure for ABAP instances. This article discusses the modifications and how they impact the Primary Application Server (PAS) and Additional Application Server (AAS) instances. Users noticed that the ABAP Primary Application Server (PAS) instance directory, previously named DVBEMGS<Instance_Number>, is no longer present in the directory /usr/sap/<SID>. Instead, a structure named D<Instance_Number> (e.g., D00) similar to an Additional Application Server (AAS) is now found. With the introduction of the ABAP SAP Central Services (ASCS) instance, the distinction between the ABAP PAS and AAS has been removed. This modification resulted in the adoption of the D<Instance_Number> format for all application server instances, regardless of whether they are PAS or AAS.

Example of a new ABAP SAP System based on NW 7.5:

– PAS: D10
– AAS: D13
– AAS: D15

Important Points to Note:
1. The instance directory name for both PAS and AAS is now D<Instance_Number>.
2. Reverting to the old directory naming structure is not feasible.
3. This new directory structure applies only to fresh installations of SAP NetWeaver 7.5 and not to upgraded systems.
4. The changes do not apply to Java or Dual Stack Systems.