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How can we keep SAP System up-todate and secure?

To keep the SAP systems up-todate and secure, various types of and patches needs to be applied regularly upon release. There are various ways to get these kinds of updates.

  • You can set up filters and notifications function in SAP Support Portal to be informed about the new notes: https://support.sap.com/notes OR
  • (Recommended) You can use System Recommendations function in SAP Solution Manager to check all relevant notes and patches for the selected systems and easily keep all of your systems up-to-date.

There can be various types of updates needed for an SAP System. For example :

  • Security notes : Advice from SAP experts regarding important actions and patches to ensure the security of your systems: https://support.sap.com/securitynotes
  • Performance relevant notes : SAP notes containing information and corrections for performance improvement of SAP systems.
  • Java patches : A patch is a code correction for a specific version of an SAP product.
  • Legal Change notes : Respond to requirements caused by changes in legal regulation.
  • HotNews : SAP customer notes with priority 1 (very high priority) to resolve or avoid problems that can cause the SAP system to shut down or lose data.
  • General SAP notes : https://support.sap.com/notes

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